Established in 2003, Hockeystation is made up of a passionate team who play ice & inline hockey. We’re based near Woking, Surrey where we have a big store for you to check out and shop for all the latest gear along with a work shop to keep you game ready.

We have recently increased our shop size along with adding new in store tech to stay ahead of the game and give you the ultimate in store experience. Our goal is to bring you all the best brands & products with awesome customer service both in store and online. We're lucky that we see a lot of regular and new customers coming through the door :-)

Meet the Team

Dawn - The Captain

Dawn started HockeyStation back in 2003 and the rest is history. We occasionally let her on the shop floor, definitely not in the workshop but she is always a workaholic in the warehouse and on the laptop. Dawn used to skate back in the day at the old Richmond Rink so has always had skating in her blood. 

Sam - The Boss Lady

Sam has a wealth of knowledge in the hockey world and has played for 23 years. Played for GB Inline Hockey and England Ice Hockey. You will always see her on the shop floor or workshop for all your hockey needs and banter. 

Mark - The Chief 

Mark has played inline hockey since '96 and dabbled a bit in ice hockey. He has silky smooth hands on the rink....as well in the workshop and has precision like no other. He keeps the business glued together and can pretty much do anything you ask....apart from share his chocolate.  

Ella - SkateStation All Star

Ella is double threat as she skateboards and plays ice hockey so she knows her stuff. You will see her cruising around the shop floor, workshop and looks after the skateboard section online. Ella is passionate about her lunch time noodles and making sure the shop always looks fresh. 

Oli - Warehouse Master 

Oli is a little speedster in the warehouse helping our operations run smoothly. He helps with deliveries and online orders and is rather nifty at sharpening skates too. He plays roller hockey for a good few years now and has a keen eye for near gear.....ALL THE GEAR.

Sarah - The Money Lady

You won't see Sarah around the store that's because she controls all the dollar remotely.....on her private island (actually just her house down the road but wishful thinking). Head of our books she keeps it all running smoothly behind the scenes.

Gavin - The Mullet Man 


Gavin specialises growing his mullet plus he is pretty good at Ice Hockey and Skateboarding too. You will always find him creeping on the shop floor......you won't find a nicer guy than him. 

Mitch - The Workshop Wonderer 

Mitch is all about hockey....ice and inline. He is growing his skills in the workshop and has a keen eye for skate sharpening. Mitch is your ultimate hockey geek....always loving to check out the new gear. 

Will - 100% Part Timer

Will is like our Summer romance.....we only get him when he is on his holidays from Uni. He keeps things sharp in the workshop and keep you geared up on the shop floor. He is like a unicorn....lucky to see him and never disappointed to be around him.....if you're his Mum.

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