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Your Guide to Buying a Home Skate Sharpener - Sparx Gen 2 and Sparx Gen 3

Your Guide to Buying a Home Skate Sharpener - Sparx Gen 2 and Sparx Gen 3

  • by Sam Marron-Bonathan

Home sharpeners aren't just a trend, they are a new way of life. Easily ensuring your steels are freshly sharp within minutes at home (or at the rink as they are easily transportable) will help keep you top of your game. 

Currently the brand of Home Skate Sharpening Machines we would recommend is The Sparx Gen 2 or Sparx Gen 3 which will be arriving in the UK Mid June.

Any hockey skate brand works with the Sparx sharpener including figure skates as long as you buy the figure skate adaptor.

Both the Gen 2 and Gen 3 Sharpeners have their own unique tech's which we will go into however the end result for your skates will be perfect. 

Sparx Gen 2 // Click here to buy it

The Sparx Sharpener delivers pro-level accuracy every single time and the all new, lightweight design allows you to sharpen anywhere, anytime - from your home to the rink. Used by more than 25 NHL teams, the Sparx Sharpener produces professional results with virtually no adjustment and minimal set up. The Sparx Sharpener has totally reinvented the process of sharpening skates. The first and only truly automated at-home skate sharpener produces unmatched accuracy and consistency at an affordable price. Whether it’s a quick touch up, fixing deep nicks and gouges, or preparing new steel, the Sparx Sharpener meets all your sharpening needs.

The Sparx Gen 2 or also known as Sparx E2000 replaced the Gen 1 (ES100). 

Our take on the Sparx Gen 2

Now if you're looking at getting the job done and not bothered about the latest tech then we would highly recommend the Gen 2 as it comes in a little cheaper and the end result is the same, we are happy to say that with every Sparx Gen 2 we have sold has been faultless so proving to be a hit with the Sparx users. We keep a Sparx Gen 2 on display in store so you can come in and see what all the hype is about. 

Questions we get asked in store and online regarding the Gen 2

Does it come with wheels?

  • No the machine doesn't come with wheels, you can buy the starter pack if you're unsure which one will be suited for your needs as this will give you a good indication for what you will and won't like. Or feel free to reach out to us and we can guide you into the right direction. 

Do you need to buy the Edge Checker?

  • Yes we would highly recommend buying one to ensure your steels are level after each sharpen. Check it out here Sparx Edge Checker

Can you put profiled steels on a Sparx? 

  • You sure can, the Sparx will follow steel to maintain the profile (however we still recommend you to re profile you steels 2-3 times a season, so hit us up for your profile). 

How long does a Sparx Wheel last? 

  • Grinding Ring life is 320 Cycles. Average skate sharpening is 3-6 cycles equaling 30-50 pairs per Grinding Ring.

Which stone is best for my steels? 

  • If you have polished or black steel then we would say get the Sparx Coated Steel Kit - The only honing kit you need for your coated steel. Includes a soft, rubberized stone, that allows you to remove any burr while not damaging the coating in the process and a leather strop to finish deburring, cleaning up any excess steel.
  • If you have standard steel in your skates then when you buy the machine it comes with a stone and this will be great to start off with.

Is it easy to transport the machine?

  • Yes it is very easy to transport the Sparx with the Sparx Soft Travel Case - The Soft Travel Case features backpack style straps and traditional duffel bag strap for multiple carrying options. Reinforced nylon and specifically designed protective foam will allow you to take your Sparx Sharpener on the road with confidence.

If you have any questions with the Sparx Gen 2 please comment below and we will be able to help you out.

Dimensions and Weight

Width: 29.8 Inches / 673 mm
(27.4" / 696 mm without Clamp Paddle installed)
Height: 5.0 Inches / 127 mm
Depth: 11.9 Inches / 303 mm
Weight: 22.1 Pounds / 10 kg 

What comes in the Sparx Gen 2 Box?

Sparx Gen 3 // Click here to buy it

The Sparx Gen 3 is a newer version of the Gen 2, it has the same sharpening mechanism (why change something that is awesome and works perfectly) than the Gen 2 but with some decent upgraded features. If you like your tech then the Sparx Gen 3 is one to check out. 

The flagship product of Sparx Hockey. The third generation Sparx Sharpener and its unprecedented new high-tech features raises your sharpening game to a whole new level - all for less than the cost of today's top end skates. The Sparx Sharpener 3 delivers unmatched precision, accuracy and performance to players of all levels.
  • Sparx BEAM - Bluetooth Connected Laser Alignment and Edge Checker
  • Multi-Functional LCD Screen
  • App Connectivity - Connect Sharpener to Sparx Hockey App for Enhanced Features
  • Pre-Set Precision Alignment - Just plug in and sharpen.
  • Integrated on-board Air Filter System

Our take on the Sparx Gen 3

We have only used the Sparx Generation 3 once when we met the Spax Guys in store way before the initial launch of it in North America and we can say we were impressed. We love our tech and it's definitely a cool upgrade from the Gen 2. The Beam is a decent gadget that helps ensure your steels are level, it's very easy to use. The Beam comes with the Gen 3 but you can also buy it as an aftermarket product. 

What is included in the box? 

The part of the Sparx Gen 3 that everyone Is talking about is the revolutionary Sparx Beam which is included with every new Sparx Sharpener 3 - or Blade Edge Accuracy Measurement device. This patented high-tech and crazy-accurate device ensures your Sparx Sharpener is perfectly aligned and measures skate edges to 1/10,000th of an inch - the most precise skate edge measurement on the market.

Life is easy with the Bluetooth Connectivity - The all-new Sparx Sharpener 3 and Sparx Sharpener 3 PRO feature Bluetooth connectivity - the first of its kind in the skate sharpening world. Connect the Sparx Sharpener 3 to the revolutionary SPARX BEAM and to the SPARX APP and unlock a whole new world of controls and features.

Dimensions and Weight

Width: 29.8 Inches / 673 mm
(27.4" / 696 mm without Clamp Paddle installed)
Height: 5.0 Inches / 127 mm
Depth: 11.9 Inches / 303 mm
Weight: 22.1 Pounds / 10 kg

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