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What are you looking for?

Workshop Services

It's not just new equipment we are passionate about, our workshop is constantly on the go to back you up with the things we sell. 

PRICES - Hockey skates only - We unfortunately do not sharpen or work on figure skates

  • Skate Sharpening - £9.00
  • First Sharpening of New Skates -
    • When purchased from us - FREE
    • When purchased elsewhere - £12.00
  • Profiling: £30 - we also offer a mail in service.
  • Skate Baking 
    • When purchased from us - FREE
    • When purchased elsewhere - £20.00
  • Riveting (Copper) - £3.00 
  • Riveting (Steel) - 2.00
  • Eyelets - £2.00
  • Ice hockey skate holder change (Pair) - £25.00
  • Steel change(doesn't include the steel) - FREE
  • Boot punch out - £5 per skate
  • Please also get in touch if you need help with things like helmet screws, stick extensions and rounded wheel bolts.

Skate Sharpening

We have a highly trained team that sharpen skates on our Blade Master Machine.

When you purchase a pair of skates in store we will sharpen the skates to the hollow of your choice or we will help you decide which one will suit your skating needs the best.

To simply put it the RoH (Radius of Hollow) is goes from shallow to very sharp, a shallower grind will give more Speed / Glide or a sharper grind will give you more Agility / Bite on the ice.

Our standard sharpen is 1/2".

Skate Sharpening Hollows

Skate sharpening is done on the spot whenever we're open. It's done on a first come first served basis, expect a 5 - 30 minute wait Tuesday to Friday and a 20 - 45 minute wait on the weekends... possibly longer if we're very busy. Please be mindful that all skate sharpening is done properly and will not be rushed, if you haven't got time to wait then you're welcome to leave the skates with us and collect at a later date. Please note - We unfortunately do not sharpen figure skates

No appointment needed for skate baking.

For all other workshop services please call 01483 608881 before you visit.


Your game starts from whats below your feet, getting the right profiled steels will enhance your game, make you comfier on your skates and will take your skating to the next level.

We use a ProSharp Profiler to profile your steels, check out the video below to learn a bit more about it. If you have more questions feel free to come in store, check out our BLOG or email us at