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Bauer FitLab - Your Guide to Buying Bauer Skates

Bauer FitLab - Your Guide to Buying Bauer Skates

  • by Sam Marron-Bonathan


We pride ourselves at bringing you the best in store experience at HockeyStation and for the past 7-8 years we have been sizing skaters and players up on the Bauer 3D Skate Lab. This has served us incredibly well to ensure you are in the right skate for you skating style.
But it's time to up your experience and elevate your game to the next level; we are excited to announce we now have the BAUER FIT LAB. 
What is the Bauer FIT LAB and what is different from the Bauer 3D Scanner???
Bauer 3D Scanner (Quick Overview) - Volumental
The process of the Bauer 3D Scanner was to stand on the scanner and slightly bend your knees and the scanner will do the rest. The scanner uses a foot profile system that targets seven points on your foot, and identifies the key areas requiring special attention for the best possible custom mould. The Bauer 3D Scanner will tell you what Length and Width/Fit your feet are.
Bauer have now partnered up with Aetrex one of the leading insole companies to bring you the best experience in store so you can have the best experience on the ice. 
Bauer keeps striving to bring better technology to make the players better on the ice. 
What is the Bauer Fit Lab?
BAUER FitLab is the first foot diagnostic system that captures every aspect of your foot from top to bottom. With your scan, we are able to see and interact with:
 • 16 unique 3D foot measurement data points
 • Underfoot pressure and contour maps
 • Movement and weight distribution patterns – an industry first
Through these data points and visualisations, we can provide individualised skate and skate orthotic recommendations that match the unique sizing specs and qualities of your foot – helping you perform your best every time you’re on the ice.
The process of the Bauer Fit Lab.
We will get you to fill out your email address.
  • Take your shoes and socks off then stand on the scanner with straight legs and the scan will start.
  • Next part is to walk over the scanner with your left foot and then again with your right foot. By doing this it is capturing more data than ever before.
  • Scanning your feet takes minutes and is the best way to find the right set up for you. 
The Bauer Fit Lab will show you more data about your feet and will analyse what is the best length and fit/width for your game. Not only that the scan will also recommend the best insole to use. Why have the perfect skate if the sole of your feet aren't fully supported to give you the best stride out on the ice.  
From your scan you can then decide to check out stock skates or start to build your ideal custom MyBauer Skates (check out below more about MyBauer Skates).  
The BAUER FitLab is more than just a scan it's all about building the whole package to elevate your performance on the ice.
Checkout the 5 key points below how the BAUER FitLab will help your game. 
1. Holder and Steel
What’s happening below the boot is just as important as what’s happening inside it. Two holder and two steel options give you the ability to fine-tune your skates for peak on-ice performance.
2. Skate Orthotics
Proper foot support not only helps with comfort, it’s a major key to performance. Our three distinct orthotic options have been designed to help counteract things like over-pronation, high arches, and forefoot pressure.
3. Skate Socks
Skate socks are more than just a buffer between your foot and skate. Each of our socks have been designed to provide benefits ranging from comfort, support, protection, and warmth.
4. Profiling and Sharpening
You can only be sharp on the ice with blades that are sharp. Whether you want more bite or glide, the right hollow can have an immediate impact on your game. Go one step further by adding a PROSHARP BAUER performance profile to your steel for an even bigger performance boost you can feel in every stride.
5. Custom Skates
Nothing performs like custom MyBAUER skates. Turn your BAUER FitLab scan into a pair of one-of-kind skates built specifically for your foot. And with hundreds of colour, material, and personalisation combos, it’s easy to make a skate that’s all you.
There are now two options when ordering MyBauer Skates; Custom and Pro Custom. Easily check out the differences below. MyBauer Skates are available in the Vapor and Supreme range. 
Come in store to order your custom skates on our Bauer FitLab. 

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