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Surrey's Street Hockey' Pick up Session

Surrey's Street Hockey' Pick up Session

We checked out the local pick up street hockey session this morning to see what all the hype was about and it did't disappoint, you definitely #dontneedice for a game of hockey. 

Brookland Racers play street hockey opposite Brookland's Skate Park primarily on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings. With a mix of ages, genders and abilities it will suit pretty much all hockey players. 

Why play street hockey?

Street Hockey can be a fun way to get outside and practice your hockey skills, meet knew friends and get a good workout. 

What do you need to play street hockey?

Anything else like shin pads, helmet and elbows are recommend but not a necessity.  

Let us know below of any other Pick Up Street Hockey that we can let our customers know about, we'd love to hear about it. 


Brooklands Community Park - Car Park - Kt130xf

For more information from Brookland Racers click here


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