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True Player Custom Skates

True Player Custom Skates

  • by Sam Marron-Bonathan

If you want to know more about True Player Custom Skates then you have come to the right place. 

True now have three custom player skates to choose from, SVH Pro, Catalyst Pro and HZRDUS Pro, but why are there three options and what are the differences?

Below we will explain why you would want to pick one over the other and what would be most suited for your game play.

Semi Custom // Catalyst Pro and HZRDUS Pro Skate

The Catalyst Pro and HZRDUS Pro skates are both built from the outside in, simply put these two models are semi custom. We scan your feet and True use your scan to get the closet boot build, they then custom the inside of the boot to match your scan. There are a lot less options with these models, apart from the fit you can only change the tongues and personalise them with your name and or number.

The Catalyst Pro and HZRDUS Pro skate is available from size 4. 

What does the HZRDUS Pro Skate offer?

The HZRDUS Pro skate offers stability, the shell is made 10% stiffer than the Catalyst Pro to deliver an effective mix of power, response, and control in your stride. Plus it comes with a moderate to stiff tendon guard. This skate will offer decent power transfer and really helps lock your foot inside the boot. 

Click here to check out the True HZRDUS Pro Custom Ice Hockey Skates

HZRDUS Pro Skate

What does the Catalyst Pro Skate offer?

The Catalyst Pro skate is a slightly softer boot that the Hzrdus Pro offering mobility, flexibility and agility. The tendon guard has more Flex for a more powerful stride plus the shell is more flexible. We would recommend this skate for a player looking to really use their edges.

Click here to check out the True Catalyst Pro Custom Ice Hockey Skates


Catalyst Pro Skate

Fully Custom // SVH Pro Skate

The SVH Pro is a fully custom built redefined one-piece boot: Created from a patented 3D anatomical foot scan and built from the inside out, the SVH Pro Custom Skate features a one-piece full carbon shell with TRUESHELL technology wrapping the toe box to eliminate any weak points around high impact areas. Unique to the SVH Custom, TRUE's Built From the Inside Out (BFIO) manufacturing process is a proprietary technique that leverages a 3D Anatomical Foot Scan combined with patented Foot Last technology, which results in the best-fitting and highest-performing skate on the market.

The SVH Pro Skate has the most customisable features to choose from being three boot liner choices, two tendon guard choices - stiff or flex, eight tongue choices along with tongue personalisation plus added shot blocker protection if needed (added shot blockers will add on some weight to the overall build).

The SVH Pro custom skate is available from size 1.

Definitely let the SVH Pro Skates be a strong contender if you have had fit issues with your feet in other skates before or if you're looking for the most custom built boot with the stiffest boot construction from True then the SVH Pro is what you need. You have lots more options with these skates so you can really get them dialled into your feet to exactly how you want them.

Click here to check out the True SVH Custom Ice Hockey Skates


How do i order a pair of True Custom Skates?

True have now made it easier than ever to get a pair of custom skates. 

There are two options.

1. Come in store and we will scan your feet, take some snaps of your feet and go through all the options for the skate you have chosen. Take your £££ (the painful part). Then we will process your order. Once they turn up we will either send them to you or you can come in store to get them dialled into your feet. 

2. Scan your feet at home. Download the True Hockey App and scan your feet. If you need help with this we will guide you through it. It will then generate a code for you. Send us the code and it will link up with our system. We will then go through all the options for you to pick from plus add in any extra notes. Take your £££ (the painful part). Then we will process your order. Once they turn up we will either send them to you or you can come in store to get them dialled into your feet. 

Need more help?

If you have anymore questions regarding True Custom Skates then please comment below, email us at or call us on 01483 608881


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