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The HYPE is here - Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 Skate

The HYPE is here - Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 Skate

  • by Sam Marron-Bonathan

25 years in the making, years of product designs and generations of Vapor skates has brought us to the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 ice hockey Skates. 
The Bauer Vapor Hyp2rlite Ice Hockey Skates are built for the elite level or pro inspired player looking for agility, comfort and performance. Packed full of upgrades from the Hyperlite, the Hyp2rlite features the Powerfly holder, AEROLITE 2.0 Tongue and Hyperflex Tech. Starting with the Powerfly holder it is Bauer's best holder to date inspired by the OD1N prototype project to help players increase acceleration with a stiffer front post and enhance their responsiveness through turning and edge work. Coupled with the new FLY TI steel that improves the new security of the blade and durability of the holder. Hyperflec outsole and the powerfly steel performance has been uniquely constructed with a first-of-its-kind flexible material, strategically positioned in the heel to let you maximise quickness in acceleration and agility through turns. Combined with the benefits of the Powerfly holder, players can fly past the competition. 
The AEROLITE 2.0 Tongue is a huge upgrade from the original Hyperlite skate, modified featuring comfort felt on both medial and lateral side and maintains the lightweight foam core. 
Comfortable and better fit: Asymmetrical toe cap, based on analysis of 800,000+ player foot scans, creates a better connection for the player's foot to the boot by minimizing negative space around the toes.
Following on from the Hyperlite2 is the X5 Pro skates, these are also an elite level boot and come with the new Powerfly holder. These skate come without steels so you can choose which ones best suit you on the ice. 

Next in the series is the X4, a solid mid price point boot featuring 
3D Lasted CURV comp quarter package with a thermoformable anaform upper to get the skates dialled to your feet. 

Next price point down is the X3 skate showcasing a
 Digi Comp quarter package making the boot lighter, helping you get a faster and a quicker stride. Its soft, sublimated microfiber liner provides step-in comfort.

Next up is the Bauer X skate which replaced the Vapor X3.5 and Supreme M1 skates, bringing you the ultimate recreational skate on the market. This skate is offered in D and EE to suit narrow and wider feet. Bauer have smashed this skate, looks very sleek and is a great price point.

Onto the Lil’ Rookie Skates, these are awesome for little feet as they grow with the foot. They are offered in 3 sizes 7-10, 11-1 and 2-5.  The fibre composite quarter package offers support without  stiffness, ideal for skaters new to the ice. 
Patric Kane - Vapor Hyperlite 2

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