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Skate Station goes live and our first sponsored skater is announced!!!

Skate Station goes live and our first sponsored skater is announced!!!

  • by Sam Marron-Bonathan


We welcome you to Skate Station the sister site of Hockey Range. We hope you enjoy our website. Over the next coming months we have lots more brands and awesome products to put online so keep coming back and having a look.

We are very proud to anouce our first sponsored skater, REAPER. It's great to have him on board representing our company as he is a brilliant roller derby player.

We have asked Reaper some questions so you get to know more about him.

Why did you start roller derby?

I started playing roller derby after I stopped artistic roller skating. Lil Joker from Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder had been trying to get me to go to a training session for nearly 3 years and finally got me to go to one. 1 hour later of going around dodging sprinting and skating with some awesome skaters I was hooked.

How long have you been playing derby for?

I have been playing since October 2010 and had my first game in December 2010.

What team do you play for?

I play for SDRD Southern Discomfort Roller Derby.

Best derby achievement?

My best achievement would have to be being scoring the most points at Europeans in 2012. Was just out there trying to play my best for the team and to come out at the end with that award was an amazing achievement for me.

Most memorable game?

This is an easy one which I'm pretty sure everybody would answer the same. European finals in 2012 playing against the Quad Guards. Think it was one of the most exciting games played. Both teams going 100% to the end of the game using every bit of skill and knowledge to not only give each other the ultimate test of endurance and mental strength but giving the crowd a nail biting game right till the last whistle.

Inspirational players?

Ballistic Wistle. He has this 6th sense. He sees the game and just knows what to do when to do it and it always seems to work be it as a jammer or a blocker. It is something I would love to be able to do in the future.

Mr Furieux has some of the most awesome agility and skills I have ever seen in a skater. His natural ability to skate is on another level. Always an honour to be on track against him and to train with as well.

Sutton Impact has got to be one of my top blockers. He just seems to be so light on his feet and then bam he is hitting someone like a freight train. You sometimes don't even see it coming and it is just so good to watch from the bench.

What kit do you wear? And why?

I wear Artistic Roller Skates made By an Italian Company called Edea with an Italian plate Roll-Line Matrix at the moment. I use the Artistic boot because I have used them for 21 years so it is what I am used too. The higher heal on the boot gives me more weight over the front of my skate so i can change direction easier and it also gives me a great sprint start off the jam line or in a straight line when rolling. The plate is low to the ground which was designed for Free skaters in who do jumps and spins which had been made lower to the ground which gives me better stability for dancing around on the stoppers.

Im am using Roller Bones Turbo's 88's which give me great grip and speed through the entire game.

I wear Scab knee pads, TSG elbow pads, SFR wrist guards and a Bern Helmet. These are a random collection but it is comfortable with the movement i need to be quick and agile. I use 2XU compression skins and Nike Compression top to increase the blood flow around my body. Helps me play a full game at 100%.

Why you excited about being a sponsored skate station skater?

I'm really proud Skate Station have chosen me to represent their company in the world of roller derby. I'm grateful for the opportunity of their support to help me achieve my goals and ambitions in the sport.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news and updates from our site.

Team Skate Station

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