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News Flash. Rollin Stone R. Sponsored Skater.

News Flash. Rollin Stone R. Sponsored Skater.

  • by Sam Marron-Bonathan

Photo courtesty of Zero G Photography (Check them out on Facebook).

It's been a big week for us, firstly launching this amazing new website then annoucing Reaper as a Sponsored Skater but things always happens in threes. We can't just have a lone sponsored skater - thats why we have now got the talented skater Rollin Stoner too. 

So we welcome Rollin Stoner to our team. Its double news this week for Stoner as earlier in the week he was annouced as the assistant coach and LUM for the Womens England Roller Derby Team and he is now being a sponsored skater with us. Congrationulations Stoner. If you would like to see Stoner in his first derby action day as a sponsored skater get yourself down to Windsor for Sur5al Remix on 24th August. We will also have a stall there with a range of our derby gear for sale.

Here are some questions we have asked Stoner so you can get to know him better. 

Why did you start roller derby?

I saw photos of my friend El Vicious playing and thought it was cool.  We researched the sport and my wife wanted to play but couldn’t commit to travelling to London so we founded Windsor Rollergirls (Est. 2007)

 How long have you been playing derby for?

Started skating 2008, playing men’s derby since inception to the UK (2009)

 What team do you play for? 

I play/coach/captain for Southern Discomfort Roller Derby (SDRD).  I‘m also Head coach for The Royal Windsor Rollergirls, Assistant coach & player for Team England men and Line-up manager/ coach for Team England ladies.

 Best derby achievements?

As a Team England LUM/coach in the 2011 World Cup, helping the girls beat Australia to take 3rd place was such a high.  The team had just started to gel and there was no stopping them.

As Head & Bench coach for Windsor, there’s been so many - The girls have really over-achieved on my expectations in  the last year and we’ve had some memorable wins as a consequence.  Beating Paris and Rainy City away, when we were expected to lose, made me very proud.

As a player, captaining SDRD in our 1st intercontinental tournament and the recent European cup has been the biggest honour so far.

 Most memorable game?

Probably playing my 1st public bout. It was the 1st men’s bout ever held in Europe and was such an eye opener to me. I’d never had that level of adrenaline before, nor expelled that amount of energy or emotion in such a short time.  It was my biggest wakeup call to get fit and take my sport seriously.

 Inspirational players?

There’s lots of players that I admire for individual qualities but Stephanie Mainey of London Rollergirls is someone that I’ve always respected, for her all-round ability, teamwork, skill, communication and adaptability.  As the game has progressed, so has she and managed to keep one step ahead of the competition.  A dependable, passionate, no-fuss derby player with admirable values and a winning attitude.

 What kit do you wear?

Bern Crash helmet because it’s comfortable and easy to slip helmet covers on and off

My Pro-Tec elbow pads leave the inside of the elbow open which helps keep me cool and reduce sw

182 Derby Knee Pads - Really comfortable and hold in place. 

Ramp gloves (currently TSG) - these give me finger movement and don’t restrict movement which really helps when shifting around your players in the pack.

I currently skate on Bont Carbon Hybrids

Kickin’ Edge custom-made Carbon fibre plates with titanium kingpins & DA45 trucks

Rollerbones Turbo’s 88’s - Probably the best wheel I’ve ever used.  I use them on nearly all surfaces.  Fast, grippy and don’t wear out.

GRN MNSTR Moto Swiss Bearings - Superfast and take care of themselves.

I’ve just changed over to Bionic toe stops and really pleased with their performance so far.

When coaching I use Fox 40 Sonik blast CMG whistle

Why are you excited about being a sponsored skate station skater?

With the experience behind this store, I’m really proud to endorse them.  They offer a wide range of roller derby gear and always have the newest products available, along with longboards and recreational rollerskate equipment too, which is pretty unique.  They offer a friendly service and won’t sell you something you don’t need but offer impartial advice you can trust.

Team Skate Station

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