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DeadBolt Grand Slam Knee Pads Review

DeadBolt Grand Slam Knee Pads Review

  • by Sam Marron-Bonathan

There has been a lot of talk about the new DEADBOLT GRAND SLAM PADS KNEE PADS so I was excited to get my hands on them or in this case my knees in them.

Lets start with the look of them, they visually look protective with a lot of pad/coverage but they also don't look to bulky. They have a simple but effective eye catching design. Yes they have the standard black design, a colourful rainbow design and a must have referee design for the rolling zebras. I went for the black ones to make me look more fierce (Just kidding, I just liked the look of them). 

Taking them out the packaging I could instantly see and feel the quality of the pads. As DeadBolt say the pads have ‘innovative strapping systems made with high grade elastic’. This is quite clear to see, out of all the pads that I have tried on and worn this system feels the most secure on my leg. It’s like a standard butterfly strapping system made 10 times better. 

The fit. I'm not the smallest person in the world as being a ice hockey goalie for the last 18 years my legs have built up so I went for a large and these pads pretty much come up true to size, i’m a large in all other pads too. If someone was to try the DeadBolts on after wearing rookie pads then yes they would feel bulkier however not in a bad way. The pads have a slightly longer fit and they hug my leg more say compared to the 187 Pro Derby Knee Pads but they feel a little shorter than Scabs. A simple way to put it is that the pads sit flush to my knee. As the DeadBolts have a open back design it means they are very breathable, the difference with these pads compared to other similar ones is there is more of the back of my leg open which keeps me cooler. So far wearing them they have stayed in the exactly the same place with no slippages which is great because it meant I could concentrate on skating and playing derby. 

The first time i wore these pads I wondered if I would be over thinking wearing them whilst doing crossovers however I completely forgotten i was wearing them. They are such a good fit and really cup the knees. 

Obviously these knee pads would be nothing if they didn’t protect you when you fall, so yes I did some big falls and put them to the test. What did I feel??? Nothing. However I did notice the memory foam and the support. The knee pads took the impact instead of my knees. 

I have not got round to washing them however I have taken them apart and its very simple.

If you were looking at getting some high end knees then these would be the ones that I would reccomend as they do the job perfectly. 


If you have got this far into my review then thanks. I should mention one other thing. Incase you were aware of the recall issue for the padding, this has been resolved and all pads are top quality with amazing fit, comfort and support. 

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