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SuperDeker Sale is here

SuperDeker Sale is here

  • by Sam Marron-Bonathan
If you're looking to up your stick handling skills, have some friendly competition with your team mates or just have some fun at home then check out the

SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System.

The SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System is by far one of the most addictive off ice training aid that i have tried out. As soon as we opened it in store we had some guys come in from Ozone Hockey to have a go and we started a competition with who got the best score. 

The SuperDeker is the ultimate present for any hockey player. Pick one of yours up right now for £149, previously £329. 

A bit about the SuperDeker

Check out the SuperDeker training system. Perfect your stick handling skills at home, the Superdeker is great fun and addictive. SuperDeker is an advanced hockey training tool for players of all ages and skills. As the lights come on, stick handle or pass the puck over the light. You’ll score a point on the scoreboard and hear a beep when the puck crosses over the light. The sensors built into the ice surface sense the location of the ePuck. 

“SuperDeker is the best off-ice training system we’ve seen.  We use it at all of our schools to build stick handling skills, because players can’t be on the ice all day.  They are very popular, players are constantly lined up to use them and compete against each other.”-  Ty Gretzky - Founder, Gretzky Hockey School


Included in your shipment:

SuperDeker Interactive Hockey Training Board

67” x 28.5”


Regulation weight & size feels just like a real hockey puck, so you are developing critical puck handling skills away from the ice. Its patented sensing technology is integrated with SuperDeker's subsurface sensors so you can:

Develop precise puck placement skills since the sensors are triggered only if the ePuck passes directly over, or very near, the SuperDeker board sensors.

Track your improved puck handling skills over time. Every time the ePuck passes over a sensor on the board, the integrated scoreboard adds a point to your score. With routine practice, you will see your scores consistently improve. Try downloading our 21-day training program here and track your own performance over time. 

The ePuck is the only puck that works with the SuperDeker advance stickhandling system. 

Rebounder Bands:

The Rebounder Bands provide fast, crisp pass-back action. Double up the rebounder bands for even more intense speed and power while you practice.

Zero Friction Ice-Spray:

Proper maintenance of your SuperDeker hockey stickhandling trainer requires the application of the Zero Friction Ice-Spray every two weeks. We expect that one bottle of spray should last about 6 months if you’re playing consistently. 

Power Adapter 

Official Superdeker UK power adapter(UK plug)

It is dual voltage(100 - 240) so if you're ordering from the US, Canada, Australia, EU you will simply need a UK to US plug socket adapter costing no more than a few dollars.  

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