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Skate Profiling

Skate Profiling

  • by Sam Marron-Bonathan

ProSharp Profiling

Bauer have teamed up with ProSharp to bring you the best profiler in the game and us at HockeyStation now offer a profiling service so you can be the best in your game. 

Precision in every stride. 

Whether you're starting your hockey journey or you're playing top flight hockey, the game depends on what's going on below the boot. 

HockeyStation x ProSharp x Bauer is your place to get you to where you want to be on the ice with the profile that suits your skating style. 

What is profiling?

Profiling is the shaping of the steel skate blade from heel to toe, customizing the blade shape to each player’s body position, skating ability, and stride.

By doing this, players can maximize the their blade’s contact to the ice, and the 4 key aspects of skating - acceleration, transition, speed, and stability.

Your ice skate profile makes a big difference in how your blades feel and perform. Proper blade-to-ice contact in these four zones can enhance your skating ability and add confidence to your overall game.

The benefits of skate profiling are easy to see and feel:​

  • Quicker take-off and acceleration, faster top-end speed, improved agility and better stopping, balance and stability
  • Improved acceleration, transition, speed and stability
  • Reduced rate of hollow when sharpening, increasing efficiency and glide while reducing fatigue
  • More confidence in your game with increased performance from your blades

Picking your unique profile

Pick your unique skate profile

Acceleration Zone

This part of the blade is under your toes. You use it during your first three strides from a standing position. ​This zone is optimized to help you generate momentum quickly​.

Transition Zone

This part of the steel runner is under the ball of the foot. You use it when you’re moving from acceleration to top speed or changing direction, front to back and exploding out of tight turns. This zone is designed to improve pivoting and support agility motions for quick on-ice adjustments​.

Speed Zone

This is the largest zone, from under the arch of the foot to the heel. This zone has more ice contact, and you use it to get to top speed. It also helps you stop abruptly when pushing through the arch of your foot. ​This zone is engineered to maximize power through the length of the stride to enhance top speed.

Stability Zone

This part of the blade is under the heel and helps with overall balance in every situation​. It is built to stabilize and control yourself at the heel of the blade, helping improve your balance. 

What’s your perfect skate blade performance profile? The answer is different for everyone. To find the right answer for you, think about how you play your best hockey. 

There are three primary profiles:

Quad profile

This profile is best for a long powerful stride that pushes into the ice. It uses the specific radius  in all four skating zones for maximum support without wasting any power.

Zuperior profile

This profile is best for skaters who rely on agility. You’re a quick and nimble skater who plays more on your toes. You want better acceleration, top speed and stability while staying on top of the ice for explosive movements.​

Ellipse profile

This profile is a natural balance point between power and agility based on your skating mechanics. This profile encourages use of the entire blade, giving you a seamless feel from toe to heel and back. The Ellipse delivers greater blade contact through each zone and maximizes the skater’s ability.​

ProSharp Performance Profiles

Want to get your skates profiled at HockeyStation?

Local? Email us at to book a appointment to come in and get them done.

Not local? Not a problem, we offer a mail in service! Check out further information on our product page.  

How often should I get my skates profiled?

We would recommend getting your skates profiled at the start of the season, mid season and before the playoffs.

Check out our YOUTUBE channel where the ProSharp x Bauer guys explain more. 


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