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Konixx Wheels have landed

Konixx Wheels have landed

  • by Sam Marron-Bonathan

We welcome the newest wheel to the market at SkateStation, The Konixx Pure for players and The KONIXX NUCLEUS GOALIE HOCKEY WHEEL - 59MM for goalies. 


We have started stocking the KONIXX PURE HOCKEY WHEELS because they have no compromises, get the right wheel for your weight and you will get grip, stiffness and rebound which will result in a faster, stickier and a longing wearing wheel than ever before. The Premium Dual Pour Pure Wheels are available in 3 stiffness profiles depending on your weight, 0: up to 170 Ibs, +1: 170 Ibs - 200 Ibs and  +2: 200 Ibs+ and all stiffnesses are available in 80mm and 76mm.


Being the goalie is a vital part if the game and of you don't bring your A game then you won't be top of the table. The Konixx Nucleus Wheels have three main ingredients, Stick, Slide and Durability. Available in 59mm and 0+ stiffness, these wheels are suited for the game winning hungry goalies. Tried and tested by some of the top Inline Goalies on various tile types and different body weights.  

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