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Bauer S21 SlingTech 2.0 Grip Ice Hockey Stick is HERE!!!

Bauer S21 SlingTech 2.0 Grip Ice Hockey Stick is HERE!!!

  • by Sam Marron-Bonathan
SlingTech2.0 is even better than the original. You’ll be able to release the puck 10% faster and with less effort due to it’s optimised slingshot effect.


The SlingTech 2.0 Ice Hockey Stick features a new hole, new core, new geometry bringing you new performance. The Sling key features are a 10% faster release from the sling and an optimised blade kick-point. The control comes from a bigger sweet spot, more stability in the toe and improved balance point. Plus the blade is is 15% more durable and the blade feels newer for longer.

The key benefits of the new hole is increased stiffness, blade stability and more forgiveness meaning a bugger sweet spot. 

The new core on the blade gives added stability and added toughness giving a 15% more durable blade. The Bauer Sling has a vertical bridge along with a Aerofoam outer edge & epoxy core strike zone. 

The new geometry forces puck energy into the key loading zone and creates an optimised kick-point within the blade meaning 10% faster release and is easier load the puck


  • 5% higher balance point for improved feel
  • ER-Spine for easy loading
  • Weight: 375 Grams


Check out the intermediate and Senior Sling 2.0 sticks below...


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