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Now, let your game pick your skates

Now, let your game pick your skates

  • by Sam Marron-Bonathan


What is Bauer talking about? 2020 Bauer has redefined the hockey industry and has elevated YOUR EXPERIENCE and we are proud to introduce the Science of the Fit program. Our 3D Scanner along with all the other Bauer 3D Skate Labs have analyzed over 400,000 scans to help bring the fit that is offered now. 

Bauer has moved from three families with two fits (D and EE to two families with three fits (Fit 1, Fit 2 and Fit 3). 

So what does this mean for you?

  • Now you get to pick which boot (Supreme or Vapor) performance is best for your playing style. The Supreme family offering 'Power + Control' and the Vapor family offering 'Quickness + Agility'.

So what are the new Fit Profiles?

  • Short answer: Fit 1, Fit 2 and Fit 3

Longer answer:

  • Fit 1 - Low volume from the heel to ankle wrap area, low instep height with narrow width.
  • Fit 2 - Medium volume from heel to ankle wrap area, medium instep height with medium width
  • Fit 3 - High volume from heel to ankle wrap area, high instep height with wide foot width

Intermediate Skates, what's all that about?

  • Bauer have introduced the Intermediate skate (BAUER S20 SUPREME ULTRASONIC ICE HOCKEY SKATES INT) because when the player gets older (on average 11-14 or women), stronger and more skilled, they will want a more supportive skate to enhance their performance. The intermediate skates are designed with torsionally more supportive materials than junior skates to trigger increased energy output on every skating stride. The new intermediate size will be between skate size 4 to skate size 6.5.

Why do Senior Skates start from size 7?

  • This is usually when the player has developed their skating stride or is fully grown and are strong enough to flex the most supportive and best materials offered, which will enhance their performance, giving them the best energy output possible.  The new senior sizing runs from skate size 7 to skate size 12.

Are you still unsure or confused?

  • Not a problem...that's why we are here to help. Either email us or come in store and use our BAUER 3D SKATE LAB.

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