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Morph Wheels Review By Cleo-Bamo

Morph Wheels Review By Cleo-Bamo

  • by Sam Marron-Bonathan
There has been much hype about the new 'Reckless Morph Wheels'; they claim to offer ‘ground-breaking “stacked” technology’. I was excited to try this innovative wheel out for myself. I opted for the pink/orange, 84/88 option. It was a tricky choice but our home and training venues both have fairly slippery floors and I am not a big fan of too much slippage so I decided to go for the grippy set. I normally skate on 88s at home so I was slightly worried I would be sticking to the track in the Morphs. This has turned out not to be the case and I have found them to be a pleasingly versatile wheel. I have the grip that I want but not at the expense of the slide I need to plough and hockey stop with ease. Ironically this is not something I notice when skating but rather something I don’t notice; I am free to concentrate on the derby at hand without being distracted by power sliding out when skating fast on the apex or sticking whilst trying to stop and fearing for my ankles. When my speed is high and I am cornering the outer grip in the lower duometer gives me control but the harder inner part of the wheel does not suck away my energy ensures my speed is not compromised. Furthermore, I have found these relatively grippy wheels to be extremely fast, which makes them a lot of fun! The Morph wheels have given me the best of both worlds and I guess this is the point of having dual duometers.

My team recently played an away game at a venue with an unusually sticky floor. I forgot the bring any other wheel options with me and was worried the duometer of my Morphs would be too low. I was pleasantly surprised and the performance of the wheels held out and I found I could skate with ease. We also won but I would like to think that was to do with more than good wheels!

Finally and possibly on a slightly superficial note, these are pretty good looking wheels. They are as bright as they appeared in print and who doesn’t like a bit of colour clashing?
All in all I am happy with the Morphs.  I think they would make a good investment for someone looking to upgrade from the wheels that come with rookie skates as the versatility means that they could be used on a variety of surfaces to good effect. Conversely, I can see lots of experienced skaters finding these wheels a solid choice to provide them with the mix of responsiveness and grip that is needed in high speed, high level derby.

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