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Ella shares her favourite skateboarding spots

Ella shares her favourite skateboarding spots

Skateboarding is a continually growing sport in the UK and debuted in the 2020 Summer Olympics. We get asked in the store where is good to skate around the area and further afield so check out here are my favourite spots to ride. 


I enjoy skating Guildford skatepark in the week around 8:30am as it’s very quiet and the same few locals skate around the same time, if not earlier. Coming on weekends or after school hours can be a bit hectic sometimes which isn’t fun when there isn’t much space to skate. There is lots of space for doing flat ground tricks, but also a good variety of transition and street. The street part has good sized ledges but I think the banks and the driveway (box) would be better if it wasn’t as steep, which can make it hard to have confidence doing tricks on.


I skated Ash skatepark a lot last winter. We’d mostly spend time using a squeegee and towels to dry up the park because we were always dedicated to skate it everyday not matter how cold it was! The main reason I like skating this park is because of its small and mellow quarter-pipe which is perfect for learning new tricks  on. The coping isn’t too big that it’s a big worry to hang up on, but it’s also not too small that it’s hard to lock into tricks. I learnt most of my tricks at that park which meant I could then bring them to bigger ramps. Another perk about this park is that it has floodlight, which most parks don’t have, so if you’re someone who likes skating late and when it’s quiet, this is a great option.


Rooksdown is not doubt my favourite park that’s closest to me. It has a good variety of transition and in my opinion, all the perfect sizes. All the ramps in the park are mellow and many are great for learning new tricks. There is a really wide but small quarter-pipe, perfect for holding out grind tricks for longer. As the park is new, the surface is really smooth and it feels satisfying landing tricks on. Sometimes I forget how slick the surface can be, meaning it can also be quite slippy, but once I’ve warmed up I’ve got used to it within 10 minutes of skating.


This park is perfect if you’re into street skating and ledges. This park has a variety of different sized ledges, small enough for learning grind tricks whether you’re a beginner or just wanting to learn something new! Unlike many parks I’ve been to, it is right by the main town in Godalming, so I can make a day of skating there and have lots of choices for places to eat. The main fault of the park is the lack of transition there. It only has a kicker but it is more like a bank. It’s a fun park but if you strictly only skate ramps, then I wouldn’t recommend it.


This park is very fun to skate. In my opinion I think it’s perfect for filming lines. All the banks are very mellow and there’s a ledge/ manny pad in the middle of the park which can add more flow to filming lines. The surface is really smooth but not too slick that I’m always slipping out of tricks. I wouldn’t say there’s much I don’t like about the park. A downside is there is not much transition and all of it is fairly big or steep. It can also be quite hard to maintain speed as it’s on a slight slope. For those who like to skate street, it would be hard for you to dislike it!


Bordon has a great variety of ramps. There’s a box (driveway), banks of different sizes, ledges, a jump box, a euro gap, a couple of quarter-pipes and a half-pipe. Whether you like street style skating, transitions or both like me this park is perfect. The main reason why I love this park so much is the half-pipe. It’s mellow and the coping is the perfect size for me to be able to rock my tricks more but still not worry too much about hanging up. The only downside I’d say there is about this half-pipe is the amount of wax the inline skaters put on the coping, it can make it easy to slip out, unless you prefer it really waxed.

Opposite the jump box there is a steep quarter which I find great using it for fly out tricks if I want to take it up a level, rather than doing it out of a bank. The park is laid out very well so it is manageable to skate when it gets a bit busy, but in the week it’s very quiet. The banks there are a little steep for learning new tricks on but can be good if I’m wanting to take them up a level, but there are more mellow ones in the park but they’re not easy to skate when it’s busy.

Car parks and skate spots

The weather doesn’t always hold up very well in winter for skating, so if I’m not drying out a park with a squeegee and towels, I’ll skate the underground carpark in Farnborough opposite the town. My skate friends and I call it the UG (underground carpark). Lots of local skaters occasionally come down and sometimes I’ll see a few new faces. I’ve taken a few trips to various places when I’ve wanted to skate something different. In June I went on a camping trip with all my skate friends to Newquay. We drove there, mainly to skate Newquay’s ‘Concrete Waves’. There was so much variety and lots of skaters, and even a zoo right behind the park so we could hear the lions whilst skating the bowl! It was great just watching people skate too as some of them were sponsored and came far just to skate that park.

Last year I spend a lot of days going to Bournemouth to skate the indoor park ‘Prevail’. It’s great skating there on sunny or rainy days as it’s partly indoors and some of it is outdoors too. If we got bored skating there, we’d then go and drive to ‘King’s Park’ which was about 5 minutes from the beach. There’s a great skate scene there and it’s great fun to skate.


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